Seamless Integration
with ArcGIS

Compatible with ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Enhancing Field Mobility Solutions. 

Ready to Use Now

No expensive data preparation requirements. Works with existing smartphones and tablets.


See your GIS in the
Real World

Create a seamless user experience. See 3D relationships you couldn't see before. Realize an all-around increase in productivity.


Leading companies use Argis Solutions for their AR and GIS needs:

Product and Service Offerings


ArcGIS Solution Bundles

Accelerate the implementation of the ArcGIS platform with industry specific solutions bundles, enhanced with augmented reality.

Argis Lens

Overcome the limitations of managing assets with 2D mapping technology with this ready-to-use augmented reality mobile application.

Harness Innovation

Make your solution feature complete with development services that strategically extend ArcGIS with cutting-edge technologies such as Computer Visioning, 3D Rendering and Machine Learning.


Augmented Reality (AR) Implementation Plan

Step One

Talk with an expert to identify your business needs around AR within ArcGIS and explore implementations options.

Step Two
Implementation Strategy

Receive a custom strategy that meets your needs and can be implemented today.

Step Three
 Roll out AR with ArcGIS

Start working with your GIS data in the real world and realize an all-around increase in productivity.