Argis Solutions creates products and services that transform ArcGIS field operations with Augmented Reality.


Leading organizations use Argis Solutions for their AR and GIS needs:

The Argis Lens: Patented and Proven AR for ArcGIS

Overcome the limitations of managing assets with 2D mapping technology with this ready-to-use augmented reality mobile application.

“Location data has always been critical to our industry, but we can now take that data even further by visualizing our underground facilities in the real world. We don’t ever want to see our data any other way!”

Brent Pingel, One Call Coordinator
Whiting Petroleum Corporation

Consulting Services

Make your solution feature complete with development services that strategically extend ArcGIS with cutting-edge technologies such as Computer Visioning, 3D Rendering, and Machine Learning.

By having Argis as a trusted partner in eGIS development, we are able to scale our internal teams up or down depending on project workloads. This allows us to be agile with resources and keep our costs down. Argis brings a team of highly experienced GIS developers who we integrate into our Scrum projects to deliver Esri based GIS solutions to federal clients.

Cherie Jarvis, PMP, CSPO, CSM, eGIS Practice Lead
Quantum Spatial