AWE Video: Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites

Excerpt from Augmented World Expo 2017 

Brady Hustad recently spoke about Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites  at the Augmented World Expo (AWE). This talk focused on our impact on Whiting Petroleum's workflow in the field with their One Call Department. Check out the talk below or on our YouTube channel: 

The AWE was a new conference for Argis Solutions, but full of great potential for the future development of augmented and virtual reality.  Since our products are in the field now,  Brady answered many interesting questions at the end of his talk that delved into the questions of commercial adoption and application of Augmented Reality in industry marketplace. If you would like to experience our Argis Lens firsthand, contact us today to request a trial license to see the AR Advantage can improve your workflow. 

Start Up Show San Diego

It was such a pleasure to speak with the Jennifer Newell with Start up San Diego, at the Esri User Conference this past June.

Argis Solutions' founder and president Brady Hustad, shares how the Argis® Framework breaks down barriers for field technicians to make their jobs easier, helps communcate the location of hidden assets and so much.  

Check out this video and other news on our Argis Solutions You Tube Channel.


Argis Summit 2016

team building: testing on different devices

team building: testing on different devices

This October, Argis Solutions gathered our dispersed team to Denver, CO  for the first ever Argis Summit 2016. Not only was it excellent to work shoulder-to-shoulder with top engineers and GIS experts in the field to improve the Argis® Framework we also had a lot of fun too. We are a lean start up with vision, who can see beyond the rough edges of Brady's basement to how contextualized geospatial data is going to create a fundimental shift in the GIS world in the near future. We may be small, but this team is going places in 2017.

Look for new improvements in our the Argis® Framework as we roll out our new features, new marketing plans and sales strategy.