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AWE Video: Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites

Excerpt from Augmented World Expo 2017 

Brady Hustad recently spoke about Locating Underground Assets at Remote Sites  at the Augmented World Expo (AWE). This talk focused on our impact on Whiting Petroleum's workflow in the field with their One Call Department. Check out the talk below or on our YouTube channel: 

The AWE was a new conference for Argis Solutions, but full of great potential for the future development of augmented and virtual reality.  Since our products are in the field now,  Brady answered many interesting questions at the end of his talk that delved into the questions of commercial adoption and application of Augmented Reality in industry marketplace. If you would like to experience our Argis Lens firsthand, contact us today to request a trial license to see the AR Advantage can improve your workflow. 

Great Connections at the Esri EPC

Jack Dangermond checks out the Argis®  Framework

Jack Dangermond checks out the Argis®  Framework

Argis Solutions had a great time at the Esri Partner Conference and the Esri Developers Summit. Lots of great folks, great conversations and it was amazing to see the direction Esri is headed. See the entire review here:

Many thanks to the Esri Startup Program, who have been very supportive of our growth as a company as Argis Solutions further refines how geospatial data can be visualized by augmented reality. 

Patent Published

Argis Solutions, LLC is pleased to announce the publication by the US Patent & Trademark Office of its patent "AUGMENTED VISUALIZATION SYSTEM FOR HIDDEN STRUCTURES" (patent application number 15/235334). This patent has been a major factor in the development of our market-leading Argis® Framework.

The Argis® Framework is the front runner in the augmented reality market for geospatial users seeking ROI through visual interpretation of GIS data in field operations across the spectrum of public or private sectors. Winner of the Esri’s Partner Conference 2016 in ArcGIS Platform Innovation award, the Argis® Framework, easily interprets data from Esri ArcGIS Server (AGS) Feature Services and ArcGIS Online (AGOL) with minimal setup on any mobile device. You can literally walk into your data as you never have before.

Argis Solutions, LLC is an expert geospatial company specializing in providing the most innovative augmented reality solutions. 

Right of Way Management

Right of Way Management

The Argis® Framework enables field technician in any industry to visualize spatial data real time as they step out of their trucks and into their real world. As we at Argis Solutions dive deeper into the augmented reality (AR) marketplace, the use of AR by field technicians responsible for right-of way management has become one of AR’s strongest business cases.