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In the web-based Admin Console for the Argis Lens, organizational power users are now able to manage not only their member accounts and license assignments, but use their data source servers and data sets to create data scenes. Administrators and editors can create and deploy these data scenes to the rest of their organization members in just a few steps. With layer-by-layer granular selections from their ArcGIS Enterprise or sources, these data scenes leverage their existing investment in the Esri ArcGIS ecosystem and incorporate augmented reality into their existing mobile geospatial workflows.  Sign in to the Argis Admin Console to access your data scenes.

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Argis Solutions provides training and insight for our Framework and Lens products. For specific questions, contact or your sales representative. 

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Get the team on the same page and learn the best way to use the Argis Lens.

The Argis Customer Support Team is standing by to help. Technical problems? Hardware questions? Data management issues? Product information? Your questions and concerns are important to us! Contact us by email or call us at 303-495-3929. We pride ourselves in responding promptly.