Switch and Save

We know new ideas need to be tried and tempered with experience to affirm their usefulness. We help clients avoid stagnation and delay in using Augmented Reality by providing license plans that will fit every organization. With over 20 years of experience in the GIS industry, we are well equipped to guide you in choosing an AR plan that is right for your needs. Clients who switch to an annual plan see greater savings with our discounted prices, and more cohesion among field initiatives as AR is adopted across multiple departments. Switch to an annual plan and see augmented reality implemented effectively for your entire company.


Choosing a Plan

Step One:
Determine how many licenses you need. 

The more licenses ordered, the bigger the savings. 

Step Two:
Call Customer Service to change your plan. 

Contact our sales team at to switch to an annual plan.

Step Three:
Never lose access to your AR. 

Your new plan will be reflected in the Argis Framework console in 1 to 3 business days. 

Leading companies integrate AR with the Argis® Lens:


Annual Plans

1 to 4 users

23% Savings
over Monthly Plan*

Best plan for initial investigation and learning new AR technology.  

5 to 9 users

28% Savings
over Monthly Plan*

Best for expanded AR learning and integration with current workflows.

10 to 24 users

38% Savings
over monthly plan*

Great for mid level AR integration between multiple teams or other departments.

Contact one of our representatives directly for information about volume discounts and enterprise accounts. Educational and reseller pricing available for qualified clients.  
* Monthly Plans are a recurring charge on a month-to-month basis. Annual Plans are billed once, annually.  

Contact the sales department directly: (720) 371-0120.