Software Releases

The Argis Lens Console gives users access to documentation, new software releases, and release notes for the Argis Lens. Sign in with your account or create a free Argis Account to access these resources. You can also contact technical support at for immediate issues.

Training Resources

Argis Solutions provides training and insight for our Framework and Lens products. For specific questions, contact or your sales representative. 

Customer Service

Get the team on the same page and learn the best way to use the Argis Lens.

The Argis Customer Support Team is standing by to help. Schedule a training today for your administrators or for Lens end users to learn how to use the Argis Lens to the best advantage. Sign in to the Argis Console to request a training.

Technical Support

Technical problems? Hardware questions? Data management issues? Product information? Your questions and concerns are important to us! Contact us by email or call us at 303-495-3929. We pride ourselves in responding promptly.