Mitigating Risk by Visualizing Hidden Assets with AR

Esri Case Study: Whiting Petroleum 


Esri recently released a new case study titled Mitigating Risk by Visualizing Hidden Assets with Augmented Reality, which details how Argis Solutions is providing real return on investment for Whiting Petroleum’s One Call Department. This paper delves deeper into how Whiting is using the field ready Argis® Framework and Lens to improve their geospatial data on remote wellpads. With this software and mobile application, Whiting Petroleum saves not just time and money, but are now able to quality check the geospatial data as they locate, which improves safety for their underground assets as well as for the technicians and contractors who work with them:  

Coupling Esri® GIS with Argis in Whiting’s One Call department has enabled the company to save an average of 30 minutes locating each asset. For Whiting, a company that locates thousands of assets a year, this saves a huge amount of time, resources, and money. The new process reduces paperwork, eliminates time-consuming analysis, and provides a higher level of quality assurance. Whiting field staff can now perform their operations more efficiently and effectively while maximizing the company’s return on investment.

Whiting is not the only company taking advantage of this new technology made accessible by Argis Solutions. The cost of our annual licensing fee is minimal compared to the amount of time, money and ultimately lives saved. We invite you to try the Argis Framework and Lens for yourself and see how AR will change how you do business in the field.