Setup and Requirements

Users should complete the following requirements to setup the Argis Lens:

ArcGIS Account


Users must have access to ArcGIS Data though a REST API URL. You can request this from your organization’s GIS department or request information for our Data Hosting Services.


Argis Client Login

ar-gis-lens-logo_ARGISLENS DRK.png

The administrative user for an organization must create an Argis Client Login on the Argis Admin Console. This login is no additional cost. For more information on how to do this, sign up for our Admin Training webinar.


Active Licenses


A user must have an active license for the Argis Lens. Licenses can be purchased below or request more information about our other pricing options for Enterprise, Education or Reseller agreements.

Choose Your Plan

Other Price Options

The Argis Lens: Month-to-Month License Plan
from 85.00 every month
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The Argis Lens: Annual License Plan
from 775.00 every 12 months
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Other Pricing Options


Educational Bundle

Argis Solutions offers a combination education bundle for colleges and universities that includes the Argis Lens for use within GIS Departments, Facility Management and Admissions Tours. You are limited only by your imagination. Contact a representative to create a tailored made solution to meet your campus needs.


Enterprise Level

The Argis Lens is more powerful when placed in the hands of an entire workforce. Enterprise pricing allows organizations to realize their full potential of internal and external communication using augmented reality. We provide buy-in material and resources to help decision makers implement a successful roll out program. Request a meeting to explore possible implementation plans.


Re-seller Agreement

Become an Argis Lens Re-seller and add augmented reality to your wheelhouse. Create whole picture solutions for your clients. The Argis Lens is a robust and eloquent way to include AR in your next client bid. With a reasonable compensation plan, you will improve your clients’ experience and gain the edge on your competition by being able to deliver one of today’s hottest technologies. Contact our representatives to learn more about our Re-seller Agreement.

Need help getting started?

Contact our office for more information at or (303) 482-2040.