The Argis Lens: Month-to-Month License Plan

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The Argis Lens: Month-to-Month License Plan

from 85.00 every month

Purchase a monthly recurring subscription to the award-winning Argis Lens, an Augmented Reality visualizer and supporting framework that projects GIS data into the real world through an iOS device. This license includes basic software support and updates for the duration of the subscription for each named user. Purchasing this license plan will set up a recurring monthly charge from the date of purchase.

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Minimal Requirements

  • Users must create a free Argis account ( to assign licenses and retrieve software updates.

  • Users will have the best experience with 2017 or later iOS device, running at a minimum iOS 11 and which includes an A9 processor or better. Please see manufacture for further hardware details.

  • Administrators will need to have an ArcGIS Online account or assistance from their GIS Department to access the account.

  • Users will experience better accuracy with an external bluetooth GPS paired with their iOS device. (optional)

NOTE: This purchase does not provide a subscription to an ArcGIS account.