happy ar

Happy AR with Argis Solutions: Celebrating Three Years of Augmented Reality Solutions


Last month, Argis Solutions celebrated its 3rd year in business with our inaugural “Happy AR” at The Celtic on Market in downtown Denver. We are proud to be a mile-high company, and we wanted our celebration to reflect our roots, what we have achieved over the past three years, and our commitment to investing in the local GIS community and Denver businesses and organizations. This casual meetup was well attended by many professionals in the Denver-area GIS industry.   

We asked attendees, “Are you seeing what we AR?” Sharing our augmented reality solutions, including  the Argis Lens,  our patented and proven mobile AR integration with ArcGIS, the answer we received was a resounding, “Yes!” Seeing the Lens in action provoked a lot of interest among our guests as they considered applications for their various fields of expertise. Some envisioned uses for emergency management planning and flood plain management, and others were excited about possible uses in forest management and lease enforcement. A common refrain we heard: “Wow! The Argis Lens has come a long way since the last time I looked at it!”

As an icebreaker, we offered the quintessential bar game cornhole with a twist -- in AR. This custom-designed augmented reality app was created by the Argis team especially for this event, showing one of the many ways we can serve local businesses with customer application development, especially in the “Reality Technologies” (AR, VR, MR).   


No “Happy AR” celebration could be complete without door prizes! Our VP of sales, Brian Collison had a great time emceeing our hourly giveaways, and guests had a chance to win a DA1 antenna with one-month Catalyst (over $700 in value), a tile, and our snazzy Argis Solutions Happy AR hats and t-shirts!  Remarking on the evening, Argis Solutions CEO Brady Hustad said, “I was glad to celebrate with some awesome clients and friends in the industry everything Argis Solutions has done over the last few years and where we are going in the future. It was a lot of fun and I think everyone had a good time!”


We were also thrilled to showcase a joint project we put together with Worker Studio Animation, bringing their 3D edutainment character Eugene “Cosmo” Nutt to life in AR. Cosmo attended the Happy AR in augmented reality, demonstrating the creative, engaging ways AR technology can be used to communicate and educate. This project is a great example of AR facilitating learning for museums and educational institutions. If you missed Cosmo, don’t worry! Worker Studio and Argis are currently developing early prototypes of Cosmo’s Classroom, an AR learning experience where students will be taught immersive lessons by Cosmo himself, right in their very own class or living room. The team is also collaborating to develop AR training solutions for the US Air Force under Worker Studio’s SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) contract from Summer of 2019. 

This fantastic celebration couldn’t take place without our sponsors. Thank you, AsteriFrontier PrecisionGIS Colorado, and Worker Studio Animation, for helping us share our augmented reality vision and investing in the local community. This was a wonderful chance to celebrate our first three years, connect with our industry friends, and make new ones! We look forward to the next part of our journey as we become the top provider of high-quality AR solutions in the Denver area.