Announcement: Patent Granted to Argis Technologies, LLC

Argis Technologies Strengthens Augmented Reality and GIS Management With New US Patent 

Aurora, CO – August 7, 2018 – Argis Technologies, the global leader for Augmented Reality projection of geospatial integration systems data, today announced it was granted a patent for its Argis Lens and underlying technology by the United States Patent Office, Patent # US 20170046877 A1, effective July 31, 2018. 

This is the first patent granted to Argis Technologies, and the patent protects Argis’ business and the foundation of its geographical integration systems data management and augmented reality systems used by many different companies.  

“As a company we are focused on continually innovating products and services that bring augmented reality to our fingertips, and managing GIS data is our specialty,” said Brady Hustad, president and one of the company’s founders. “This patent grant further reinforces both our commitment to innovation and to protecting our intellectual property.” 

About Argis Technologies 

Argis’ category-leading technology, the Argis Lens, allows a user interface on a tablet or phone between what would traditionally be on a two-dimensional map and the surrounding world. Users can see their data overlaid onto the world around them with astounding accuracy using AR. Features such as editing attributes on a worksite and seeing assets despite weather or other traditional mapping challenges has catapulted Argis Technologies to the forefront of the AR and GIS tech space. Argis Technologies is headquartered in Aurora, Colorado and serves an international customer base. For more information visit

Media Contact: 

Catherine Hoemke, Creative and Marketing Director 

Argis Solutions, LLC