Practical Application of AR

Practical Application of AR

Argis Solutions is the most practical application of AR available in today's market with expert interpretation of geospatial symbology and application. It is one of those cutting edge technologies that can be shared with today's workforce now and make a major difference in how that team communicates and interprets how the data looks in the real world. 

Podcast: Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda

Paul Hoemke, Business Analyst at Argis Solutions, did fascinating podcast with Karen Jagoda at the Esri UC earlier this month. Listen to the whole podcast at Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda. We've reproduced a few of the highlights here.

Argis Road Trip: Risk Mitigation

The Argis Road Trip is continuing on to San Diego. See how the trip went and learn something about how #AR can effect risk mitigation.

On our way through Moab, Utah, we took a hike to show you how augmented reality helps mitigate risk. Sounds exciting, I know. But the truth is: what we’re about to show you revolutionizes the way you and your teams will harness GIS data. 
Dusty dirt paths to the naked eye become rich veins of information through the Argis Lens. 
But simply being able to view these assets wouldn’t be revolutionary, would it? So what we’ve done is allow you to interact with them.  
The Attribute Window makes crucial information regarding any asset readily available at the touch of a screen. In Moab, for instance, we could view the lengths of the trails or the last time they were maintained.  The Argis Lens brings all the rich information that surrounds us right to your fingertips. 

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Argis Road Trip: First Stop

On our way out of town, we stopped by Colorado’s world-famous Red Rocks Ampitheatre, to show you how, together, the Argis® Framework and Lens bring GIS data into the real-world.
Using data gathered through Esri’s ArcGIS Online, we rendered Red Rock’s assets into the Argis Lens, transforming invisible information into visible resources.  Resources such as the electrical lines used to power the ampitheatre’s unforgettable performances. All this incredible information can be viewed from any perspective in the field, live or cached, with our without Wi-Fi. 

ArcGIS Online Map of Red Rocks

ArcGIS Online Map of Red Rocks

Side-by-side, it’s easy to see why a three-dimensional perspective of your data is simpler and far more intuitive for anyone to use than a two-dimensional map.
Augmented reality may seem like something of the future, but here’s now, and it works.  

Follow the rest of the journey on our youtube playlist or follow #argisroadtrip on twitter to hear the rest of the story. See you in San Diego! 

See You At Esri's UC

Connect with Argis Solutions at Esri's User Conference 2017

Argis Solutions has had a productive season resulting in many chances at Esri's User Conference to share our mission of being the premier provider of Augmented Reality Visualization to the Esri GIS community. We will be showing the impact our award winning Argis® Framework and our newest product the Argis® Lens throughout the conference. We invite you to join us:

SUZ Demo Theater 2016

SUZ Demo Theater 2016

UPDATE:  Meet President, Brady Hustad during one of two hands on session Tuesday and Thursday in the demo theater.
5:30pm - 6:15pm Hands on with VR and AR 3D GIS, Demo Theater Presentations SDCC - Demo Theater 13 - 3D GIS  
DESCRIPTION Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR) are becoming hot topics in every 3D-related industry, including GIS. This session will cover a brief overview of some of the emerging topics that are demonstrating the application of VR/AR in GIS as well as provide a few minutes for some users to try some experimental Esri VR/AR experiences.

Argis Solutions will be in booth z15 in the SUZ

Argis Solutions will be in booth z15 in the SUZ

If you are unable to hear these informative talks or you have more questions, we invite you to find us in the Esri Start Up Zone at booth z15 and experience the Argis® Lens for yourself. With giveaways and promotionals, it will be worth your while.
Can’t wait?  Contact our Client Relations team to schedule a trial license to see firsthand how the Argis® Lens can bring ROI to your company by adding the AR Advantage to your workflows.

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Thank you and see you in San Diego!