What's Better than Reality?

Denver Geospatial Amateurs Meet up

Check out the next meeting of the Denver Geospatial Amateurs where the Argis Team will discuss how immersive visualization into geospatial data is effecting industries spanning from local government to real estate. Great change to find out where the future of AR is heading. Visit to RSVP!

What's Better Than Reality?  

Matt KrusemarkPaul Hoemke, & Jacob Reiser - Argis Solutions

Reality is OK, I guess.  You know what would make it awesome?  Overlaying it with spatial data.  The guys from Argis Solutions will be here to talk about Augmented Reality and spatial data.  At the intersection of mobile device sensors, compasses, mapping with 3D gaming software environments, GPS compatibility, etc. is where visualization becomes immersive. They'll talk about how all of this works and give us early-days use cases from local government, energy, utilities, and real estate.