Geospatial Data Comes Alive: Features AR Apps That Transform GIS Data  

We’ve been featured on, and last month at the Common Ground Alliance Safety Expo in Tampa, FL, we demonstrated the practical, user-friendly AR capabilities of the Argis Lens. 

By Alyssa Grant  

More companies are rapidly adopting augmented reality (AR) technology to visualize the difficult-to-access: a flooded city, underground utilities, or pipelines. AR can instantly translate massive amounts of GIS data into images easily recognized and accessed by those in the field. Glenn Letham, co-founder of, affirms AR’s growing applications as it relates to GIS data:  

"Imagine we are walking down the street, holding our phone or tablet, and the screen reveals the utilities and infrastructure that exists beneath the ground." 

Argis Solutions has created a mobile AR app that does just that, the Argis Lens. Through the Lens, users can see a clear visual representation of GIS data in real time. Accessible on both smartphones or tablets, the Lens shows underground infrastructure using the phone’s camera and AR technology combined with ArcGIS data. Argis Solutions’ CEO and founder, Brady Hustad explains the clarity and simplicity of how the Lens communicates geographical data:  

“One of our customers was working with a backhoe operator, arguing about where they should dig. Finally, the client pulled out Argis Lens and just told the excavator to ‘look.’  This gave instant understanding and ended the argument.” is not alone in recognizing the potential of AR. Argis was at this year’s Common Ground Alliance Safety Expo in Tampa, FL, demonstrating the advantages of AR for mobile GIS solutions and how it can improve field operations efficiency and enhance damage prevention. The CGA Expo is the premier annual gathering of damage prevention professionals. From utilities, oil and gas, locators to excavators, this conference and expo enabled Argis Solutions to meet key decision-makers helping advance damage prevention through emerging technologies. 

According to Argis Solutions’ Vice President of Sales, Brian Collison, “CGA is great because you really get a chance to meet one-on-one with individuals who are on the job site every day. Overall, the Argis Lens was well received by damage prevention professionals for many different disciplines, from utilities to surveyors. We can all see where AR is taking this industry.” 

The team also previewed their new Augmented Reality Ticketing system, ARTMS, which will launch this spring. This comprehensive system integrates geolocation for assets and AR with every transaction. The ARTMS Management System gives managers and their teams a powerful way to track projects via mobile devices and see GIS data on the job site. By integrating with Workforce for ArcGIS mobile application, ARTMS makes it easy to track teams and transactions in real time, both in the office and out in the field. Paired with real-world context and showing three-dimensional relationships, this ticketing system delivers a complete solution for any damage prevention department.