GIS in the Rockies: Workshop + Showcase Presentation

Come see us at the GIS in the Rockies Conference! More specifically, come see us for two unique opportunities to discover the Argis Lens and see first-hand how our technology improves the workday lives of meter readers in Thornton, Colorado. 


Find the Hidden Asset: GIS / AR Hands-on Workshop

On Tuesday, September 18 from 1-4 PM, Brian Collison and Paul Hoemke will be leading a workshop in room 4 at the conference, and it's free!

Many municipalities have open spaces and natural land features with hidden assets. Augmented Reality simplifies the documentation of these assets into data sets. In this workshop we will explore current GIS trends for locating these hard to find assets. It will include practical demonstrations that show how to equip field crews with the technology they need to overcome the limitations of 2D maps in the field.

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Showcase Presentation:Open Space Challenges and Meter Reading in Augmented Reality

On Thursday, September 20 from 9:00-9:30 am, Brian Collison will be talking about how the Argis Lens brings GIS data into the three-dimensional world of meter reading. Learn how the city of Thornton, Colorado is improving asset documentation in the field by integrating Augmented Reality with their ArcGIS implementation.