GITA Webinar Replays Now Available

If you missed our webinars with GITA, don’t worry! They are now available online.

In the last five years, the fields of Augmented Reality and ArcGIS have merged together to create a beautiful fusion of visual functionality that is influencing the way field technicians and other specialists are able to work. While this ground-breaking tech is making waves in the media and being hinted at in movies, many wonder: is this here, right now? Is it real? GITA produced a series of two webinars that focused on answering these questions, explaining the tech propelling this change, and how the Argis Lens technology is a catalyst for some big changes. But that's just the beginning. Other technologies such as drones, machine learning, alternative interfaces for different types of AR and more play a part, too. We invite you to join us for the replay!

Part 1, titled The Advent of Augmented Reality in the GIS world, is available to view here. Simply follow the instructions to sign up, and then you will be given a link to view the webinar. For more information on this discussion, go here.

Part 2, titled Disruptive Tech in GIS: What’s Science and What’s Fiction? can be viewed here. For more information on this part of the discussion, visit here.