Practical Application of AR

Esri User Conference 2017, San Diego, CA

By Cat Hoemke

The Esri community is ready to embrace technologies like augmented reality.

As a "newbie" at the Esri User Conference, I was not sure exactly to expect. I was not prepared for the sheer scale of the Esri user community. It was amazing to see such a large gathering of experts in the field of GIS together under one roof! The biggest take away I had  is the Esri community is ready to embrace technologies like augmented reality. The plenary with Jack Dangermond was a great example of Esri leaning forward into cutting edge developments to improve how geospatial data is used. We applaud how Esri users are being prepared for the 21st century by inviting us all to rethink how we are using GIS data. 

The Argis® Lens and Framework were very well received, both at the many speaking opportunities and in one-on-one conversations at our booth in the start up zone. I can personally say, it was a pleasure to see so many ideas being brought to life as large and small companies and municipalities, water authorities and pipeline experts began to dream big about how this new technology could improve the way they do business. Argis Solutions is the most practical application of AR available in today's market. With expert interpretation of geospatial symbology and information, it is a cutting edge technology that can be shared with today's workforce right now--making a major difference in how that team communicates and interprets their GIS data in the real world. We are already hearing from our clients how seeing the maps from the user's perspective is effecting post production of that data by their geospatial experts, creating more accurate visualization of that geospatial data.

The Esri Startups program was a great asset and the people were first class. We appreciate the support Esri has given us so far and look forward to continuing to provide "Esri-friendly" products. Overall the Esri UC 2017 was a great conference and we thoroughly look forward to what the second half of 2017 holds for future augmented reality advances at Argis Solutions.