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Bringing AR to Maps on Everyone's Tablet

Paul Hoemke, Business Analyst, at UC17

Paul Hoemke, Business Analyst, at UC17

Paul Hoemke, Business Analyst at Argis Solutions, did fascinating podcast with Karen Jagoda at the Esri UC earlier this month. Listen to the whole podcast at Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda. We've reproduced a few of the highlights here. 

Argis Solutions is bringing augmented reality to maps on everyone's tablet. We encourage users to step into their maps and we visualize the data they have there. Anything they have marked and selected, areas, specific points, they will be able to look at data created. We are giving people on the ground real data.  As soon as its updated, users can look at future plans as laid out in their data versus what is present day data. 

Karen was impressed with how much more accessible this made GIS data. Tablets now carry much more robust technology that makes this visualization a reality. Just a few short years ago, this AR visualization wouldn't be possible.  Argis Solutions aims for the field person who is not a GIS expert but wants to look and understand instantly what an organization's geospatial data can tell them. An additional benefit is users can check what is real against what is visible in their data. Sometimes that is just an anomaly, but it becomes worth to investigate more. Our software has brought a new quality check that saves a lot of pain and money.

Argis Solutions offers a SaaS service, which means we offer a subscription to the Argis Framework on an annual basis, then allow a company's administrator to pick the set of users who use the product license keys. We can supplement user's data with other public data, but we find mostly our current customers primary focus is their own data. Our software can allow different sources to the Framework.  Karen commented that this AR visualization is a bit of a revelation to people. often they did not realize how robust the data could be. What seemed like science fiction has become fact.

It is very exciting to see the application of all this GIS coming down to the consumer level, with even possible application for political canvasing. We think there are a lot of possibilities. Data opens up opportunities and options.

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