Argis Road Trip: Manual Adjustment

As the Esri User Conference rolls into its last few days, catch up with the Argis team as they show how augmented reality places gis data where you need it. 

Passing through Nevada, we had no choice but to pay one of America’s greatest feats a visit. And while we were there, we took the time to demonstrate a feat of our own.  There’s no such thing as too accurate in the GIS world. That’s exactly why we’ve given you the power to adjust data based on your perspective in the field.  Using our manual adjustment tools, you can make your even more accurate by lining up augmented visuals with visible assets.  Harnessing your data is all about trusting your data. With our unique adjustment tools, you can trust what you see. 

We will continue to demo the Argis Lens in the Esri Start Up Zone at booth z15 today, but if you would rather see first hand how AR is harnessing the power of GIS data in the field, schedule a trial lisence today.