See You at the GISCO Quarterly Meeting

On January 27, 2017, Matt Krusemark will be presenting at the winter quarterly meeting of GIS Colorado Collaborate (GISCO) on the challenges and opportunities new startups face when taking an idea to market. Find out how we at Argis Solutions have taken a smart idea and turned it into a marketable product over the last year. Matt will address these and other questions:  

Have you ever had what you thought would be a great idea for a product for a new company or for the organization you work for? How do you know the idea is a good idea? Have you read about the "Lean Startup" concept and what an MVP is? How do you go about deciding on a software architecture? How do you build out and run a team? And what about using Agile/Scrum? How do you get penetration into the market? This talk will focus on a recent Startup company based right here in Colorado that is well on it's way to being successful with an augmented reality-based visualization solution called the Argis® Framework -

Please visit the GISCO event page for times and details. GISCO provides a cooperative environment of GIS professionals and users to communicate and advance, as a unified group, the status and level of effectiveness of GIS use in the State of Colorado.