Right of Way Management

Reduction in Cost and Time in Encroachment Protection

By Brady Hustad


The Argis® Framework enables field technician in any industry to visualize spatial data real time as they step out of their trucks and into their real world. As we at Argis Solutions dive deeper into the augmented reality (AR) marketplace, the use of AR by field technicians responsible for right-of way management has become one of AR’s strongest business cases. 

Right of way management is a critical process within many industries including local government and energy companies.  Any organization that approaches properties to locate assets that are buried or employed near or on that property must address right of way issues. Managing these field assets varies from simply walking to inspect the asset for damage to conducting regular planned maintenance to scrutinizing buildings and other structures that might encroach or conflict with the underground assets located within the right of way.

This right of way management has traditionally been managed by surveyors or senior employees.  While understanding the impact to the land and how to measure for an encroachment can take advanced skills and experience, Argis has discovered that our clients are interested in managing their field assets more economically when possible.  The Argis® Framework enables routine inspection of field assets by less experienced field technicians. Here is how that works:

  1. A field technician can view their company’s assets and right of way data through the camera on an iPad on which the Argis® Framework software has been installed.
  2. The field worker walks each assigned right of way taking a photo of possible encroachments or concerns.  This photo shows company data overlaid on the possible encroachment or concern and is then linked to the exact location through either the iPad’s GPS or if desired an external GPS.
  3. Back in the office, the expert ROW Manager quickly reviews the few concerns that were identified and determines if a surveyor, or right of way expert will be required to further inspect the problems identified.

Quick, effective, and inexpensive, the Argis®  Framework technology could be a cost saving addition to any company’s right of way management process.  

Stories of right of way management differ greatly from organization to organization, but the effective use of your GIS data with the Argis® Framework technology to improve day-to-day right of way management could be a game changer for your company.  Check out our AR video. Let us know how Argis can help you more effectively and cost efficiently manage your right of way challenges.

What are your industry’s major right of way challenges?