Integrated Today

Integrate AR with any ArcGIS data project with minimal data requirements and within minutes see your assets in AR.

Improve Documentation

Compare GIS data in the field with onsite assets to reduce inaccuracies and user error.

Start at Ground Level 

Field crews will see 3 dimensional relationships more quickly in AR, improving overall productivity. 

Help field crews overcome the limitations of locating and managing assets with 2D mapping technology.

Our app, the Argis Lens, brings GIS data into the three-dimensional world field crews work in—creating a seamless user experience. Users can locate assets quicker, see 3D relationships they couldn't see before and benefit from an all-around increase in productivity.


Whiting Case Study

Using ArcGIS and the Argis Lens software, Whiting is able to view its underground facilities in the real world to more accurately match the actual projected underground facilities with the above ground landmarks, so it can better assess risk and communicate more clearly with excavation contractors. Read more about Watford City Area’s success in this recent Esri case study: Mitigating Risk by Visualizing Hidden Assets with Augmented Reality. 

See 3D Relationships

 Bring GIS data into the three-dimensional world field crews work in—creating a seamless user experience.

Find Assets in Any Situation

See the unseen in any situation. Users can locate assets quicker and benefit from an all-around increase in productivity. 

AR Integrated with ArcGIS

Create a seamless user experience when adding Augmented Reality to any ArcGIS data with minimal set up and data requirements.  


Argis Lens License Plans

The Argis Lens is offered as an annual license plan registered to an individual user as a software as a service model.  This subscription includes all updates and releases of the Argis Lens at no additional cost. All plans require a credit card on record. Contact our sales team to request more pricing information. Ask us about volume discounts and enterprise accounts today. Educational pricing available for qualified clients. All licenses plans include: 

  • Unlimited data access
  • Unlimited data scene creation
  • Attribute editing 
  • AR Setup Ready Check
  • Instant AR Visualization
  • Access to the Administration Console
  • Virtual Training

Step One:
Place Your Order

Confirm how many licenses you need to reach your goal with our sales team and place your order. The more licenses ordered, the better the savings. 

Step Two:
Setup and Activation

Access your account, set up data scenes and manage your licenses  through the Lens Console online.  A link to the most recent release will be provided after your administrator account has been activated. 

Step Three:
Training in AR

Whether you are the administrator or the end user, training is provided so your team can launch successfully. Expect two training sessions to be schedule shortly after activation.


1 to 4 users

Best plan for initial investigation and learning new AR technology.  


5 to 9 users

Best for expanded AR learning and integration with current workflows.


10 to 24 users

Great for mid level AR integration between multiple teams or other departments.

See How Augmented Reality Improves Asset Management

Do you have a unique set up? 

Schedule a call and let's talk about how easy it is to integrate Augmented Reality with your current ArcGIS implementation.