Integrating Geolocation and AR for any Size Company

How It Works

Why Choose ARTMS?

Organized by Geolocation

811 and Internal Transactions Organized by Geolocation


Shown in Augmented Reality


Integrated with ESRI Workforce

Ticketing Management just got better. See the first ARTMS demo video, ticketing management with Augmented Reality.

How it Works


Providing damage prevention professionals a ticket management system that integrates geolocation for assets and augmented reality with every transaction.


ARTMS Pricing

ARTMS is built to scale to the size of your business. It is based on the size of the field crew operation, the ESRI implementation already in place, and the number of Argis Lens subscriptions already in use within the organization.


Field Operation Size

ARTMS was created to empower field crews. The first consideration is the number of workers who will need access to ARTMS.


Quantity of ArcGIS Identities

A key factor needed is access to Workforce for ArcGIS. This is often already included in ESRI Implementations, which we will take into account when creating your individualized quote.


Number of Argis Lens Subscriptions

To provide the AR visualization, we add any additional Argis Lens licenses needed to complete the ARTMS rollout.

Damage prevention is a complicated business with much inherent risk.
Improve your field operations’ situational awareness with AR, control costs, and reduce risk on the job site.

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Virtual Map with Geolocation Information Displayed

Virtual Map with Geolocation Information Displayed

811 Transactions: Receive and internalize 811 transactions for your job sites and then view them plotted on an interactive map in real time.

Close the Communication Gap: Communicate asset locations to field operators using our patented augmented reality visualizer, the Argis Lens, and close the communication gap between crew and dispatcher.

No Transaction Fees: Get ARTMS as an annual subscription with no additional transaction fees.